INF101 is a new molecule in-preclinical development for the topical treatment of dry eye and non-infectious uveitis, two ophthalmological indications with each a market potential above CHF2 billion.

INF101 was shown to inhibit the production of a cytokine involved in dry eye syndrome via a novel mechanism of action. Moreover, INF101 was shown to effectively prevent the retinal damage induced in an experimental model of uveitis in rats in vivo with an efficacy similar to corticosteroids.

Due to its different mechanism of action INF101is not expected to increase intra-ocular pressure, a potentially severe side effect of corticosteroids, and could thus become the front line therapy in dry eye and uveitis sparing corticosteroids for more severe cases.

Inflamalps will bring INF101 up to phase I with proof-of-concept in two indications, dry eye associated with Sjögren’s syndrome and non-infectious uveitis within 3 years.

Inflamalps has in-licensed INF101 from Onconox ApS for development in particular in ophthalmological indications. Inflamalps has an exclusive license to develop and commercialized INF101 worldwide in all indications as well as exclusive licenses on granted composition of matter patents and use patent in ophthalmology.